Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Beach Buddies

Blaine and Jacob hanging out at the Carey Lake beach on a hot day.

Cute picture, but I couldn't see their faces because they both like to wear their hats down over their faces.

Mary ran over and took their hats off so we could see their faces. It is so nice having Mary and Blaine around. The boys are the same age (a week apart) and so we can exchange highlights/challenges that we are going through at the same time. The boys have a good time together and it gives them a chance to learn how to play together and share??????????? Well, at least we're giving them the chance!

Do you see the look he's giving me here? What can I say. I love this crazy little ball of energy that is my son. We have been having a lot of fun this summer, especially since we've had such gorgeous weather.

Monday, July 11, 2005

my little parade lover

Jacob loved the Hibbing Parade, especially all of the candy they kept throwing. I was a little disappointed in the parade this year because we only got one kind of candy the whole time. Some flavored version of a tootsie roll. Needless to say, they are not too appetizing. But, maybe that's for the better seeing as I am not allowed to have candy anyway with my gestational diabetes. It was fun just watching Jacob run out and get all excited and yell some gibberish about how wonderful the whole experience was.

The men in my life. Jacob and dad hanging out at the parade. I love this picture! There's just something about a dad and his son spending time together.

It was so hot out! I could hardly handle it. I have come to realize that in the last four years or so that we have been here that my ability to handle the heat has diminished quite considerably. I am now a cold blooded Hib-town girl. I never thought it could happen. I used to be able to sit out in the baking sun with the best of them (my mom)and now I am ready to melt away after a few minutes in the sun.

Okay, so is this the cutest picture or what? Lauren and jacob giving each other hugs.

Here they are giving me cheesy smiles while sitting on Lauren's little four wheeler.

Jacob had a blast playing with Lauren on the swing set.

Here's Lauren swinging as high as she can!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

the 4th of July-"All American Style"

We went to Jim and Carole Helstrom's cabin for the day. Jacob did a little bit of swimming. (If you call having your mom dangle you in the water for a few minutes "swimming". But, hey, he sure was cute in his swimming trunks and life vest!

Jacob tried wearing a pair a goggles that were only about 5 sizes too big for him! He was determined to put them on and look for fish while staying dry and safe on the pier.

Jessica Williamson would be so proud! Maybe she can show him a few moves to brush up on his basketball skills. Although we all know that's it's not just his love for the basketball, but ALL balls. I am already having visions of sitting in the bleachers and becoming a full time "cheerleader mom" for basketball, football, baseball, and soccer.

Okay, so does Mrs. Williamson look great on a Harley or what? I think she was born to be a "biker chick". Pastor's wife/biker chick. I like it. Sue said she had a blast going for her motorcycle ride. In her words, "what could be more american than riding around on a Harley?" I agree. Pastor, you better start saving your money for a bike-she was born to ride!!!