Monday, September 10, 2007

One Shooter or Two?

Recently my family and I traveled to Dallas, Texas to go to my sister-in-law's wedding. Most of the time we hung out in the pool or were running around getting ready for the wedding.

We did find a couple minutes to sneak away to downtown Texas and went to the 6th floor museum. The 6th floor Depository Building was where JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. I have been fascinated with the JFK assignation since I did a report on it in 9th grade. I vowed to not leave Texas until we visited the museum. We as very great. To be able to visit a place that is cemented in US history was a great experience.

Probably my favorite display at the museum was in the corner where Oswald shot JFK. The corner was all glassed off and inside was re-created from pictures to look exactly the way Oswald left it. The museum as a whole gave you a feel for the events of the day.

As you walk through the museum you will notice no where will you see the couple frames of the Zapruder Film that shows JFK actually being shot in the head. No where do they say why they left these frames out of the film. I believe it is out of respect for the President. I thought that was unique.

As far as one shooter or two? I think I am going to go with one. I have read several books and now have visited the grassy knoll. I am going to stick with my instincts. One shooter.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the museum so I snapped a couple outside.

This is shot is of the Book Depository Building. Notice the far upper right window is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.

This picture was taken where the second shooter would have stood. If you look at the road you will see an X that marks the spot where JFK received the wound to the head that killed him.

This is the famous grassy knoll. To the left is the orignial picket fence where the second shooter hid.
At the grassy knoll there were a few conspiracy theory people informing others of the truth and selling books, etc...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we flew down to Texas for my sister's wedding. We ended up taking 2 out of the 3 kids with us. Originally we planned to leave them all. (We thougt maybe we could make a little mini vacation out of it. silly us.) Then my sister asked jacob to be the ring bearer. So, we thought we'd leave the baby and levi. Well, hannah decided she wanted nothing to do with the bottle so we had to bring her along too. So, we left levi with auntie sarah (god bless you sarah) and took the other two. Some people may think it wierd that we left only one of our children behind. Why not take them all? you may say to yourself. Well, if you really want to know...just ask sarah. :)

We got some great pics so I thought I'd share a few. Jacob was pretty stinking cute in his tux. Auntie Meredith was absolutely beautiful!