Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt then Baskets

Yesterday we went over to Rachels for an Easter Egg hunt. We hid about 2 million eggs.

The plunder...

No post would be complete without a picture of Lizzy.


The boys were looking like hairbears so I decided to take them to the barber. Well you need two week reservations to get in to have your hair cut. So not wanting to make another visit to bambi. Who is Bambi? No not the cute little disney deer. Bambi is a stylist (that is me being gracious) that works at Cost Cutters here at Walmart. She has made a name for herself here in Sparta.

Last time Jacob got his hair cut it was from Bambi. Wow, she must be blind. I thought I would never see a hair cut that was that bad. Enter my brother. The same day Jacob visited Bambi my brother decided to try out Cost Cutters. How bad was it. I started laughing when he walked in the door.

"What the crap happened to your hair?" I laughed.
"Bambi got it", was his smart reply.

That sent us into fit of laughter since we were just talking about how we had never seen such a bad hair cut on Jacob. But Mark clearly recieved the worst bum end of the deal.

So I asked around where to get the boys a haircut and I recieved one response...DO NOT GO TO BAMBI... I asked three people and they all gave me the same response. So if you want a hair cut in Sparta there is only one real rule: NO BAMBI.

So being that it is two days before Easter I took things in my own hands. I decided that I couldn't do worse than bambi and cut the boys hair. I will let you decide how it turned out.

Levi looks like a girl with a short bob style hair cut. I had to give him a trim on the sides. So shove some candy in his mouth and start the clippers. It looks a lot better now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jessica and Baby

Here they are just before they came home from the hostpital. Jess and baby both look great.

Hannah was three days old when each of these pictures were taken.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

and now there were THREE

Yep, thats right three. The clan is a little bigger. Jessica and baby came home Sunday night. Baby and mom are doing very well. Here are a few pics over the past week. For a little less fuzzy picture you can go HERE...Sue Williamson took a better picture.

She has a bunch of hair. I have never seen that much hair on any new born. It is crazy.

Meredith, Jessica's sister flew up from Texas to spend some time with the kids.

The rest of Jessica'a family came up on Sunday to celebrate bringing home Hannah. Josh read while Levi used him as a jungle gym. Gloria is staying for a week to help us out with the kids.

Jacob enjoyed putting on uncle Gabes helmet. Even though it was a little heavy at times. It was a pretty busy weekend when all was said and done.