Monday, May 02, 2005

Jacob's New Room

Well, the little man has figured out how to crawl out of his crib. A few weeks ago it was early in the morning and I'm thinking jacob's voice is sounding like it's getting nearer and nearer. I thought maybe I was just still stuck between sleep and being awake and I was crazy. Then all of a sudden the door is flung open and in runs jacob yellling "ma! ma! and some other gibberish that oddly sounded like "come on, it's time to get up!" Anyways, since then he has become the houdini of getting out of cribs. So, I think it's time to move him to a bed. Pastor gave us an old twin bed he had. I'm just gonna move him right over to that and buy some bed rails for one side and put the other side against the wall. So, I of course have to re-do his room from nursery to big boy room. I found this really cute quilt at Target and decided to go off of that. We were in the cities a few weeks ago for District Council and we got some good shopping in at IKEA. We bought a bunch of stuff for his room. So, now we have to repaint the walls and then we can get the bed in there. Just thought you might like to see what the quilt looks like. It is kind of a safari theme with monkeys and alligators and snakes and stuff. Jacob already likes it. Every time I pull it out to show someone, he falls on it and wraps himself up in it and laughs. It's cute.