Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mom & Jacob Easter Morning

My First Suit

Happy Easter

Dad & Jacob Ready for Easter

Saturday, March 26, 2005

J & A's Easter Eggs

Grampa Lubenau and the son.

Jacob in his new jammies

Easter is Here

Well Easter is here. This week has been a busy week. Jessicas parent's came up on Monday night and left on good Friday. Gloria (Jess's mom) chased Jacob around and talked about how he was the golden child. Mike found a barber sleeping on the job so he stopped in and got a trim on the beard and a haircut. Wednesday we had youth service and Thursday we went to the Whistling Bird (Jamaican restaurant) for Mike's birthday. Over all it was a great week.
Here are some pictures from the week.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Abe Speaks Now Running

Hey where did all the info on Kyrgyzstan go? Well my personal blog is now up and running. Click HERE to go to Abe Speaks.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Jacob Speaks

The way things are looking I may have to change the name of this Blog to Clan Jacob. It seems he has a monopoly on it. This video features Jacob sharing a few of his comments about the events of the day. Enjoy.

To watch video click play button. If video does not play. You may need to download windows media player below.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Baby Jacob Day Two

This is my first installment of a video of many, I hope, to Clan Broberg. I took this video with my digital camera of Jacob on his second day at the hospital. I forgot how small he used to be. He is a full fledged toddler now. Jess and I are ready for another baby. Hopefully this video will hold you and us over until that happens. Enjoy.

To watch video click play button. If video does not play. You may need to download windows media player below.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

J Bros Birthday

Friday was Jessica's Birthday. Ihave been trying to decide what to get here for her birthday for a month or so now. I really wanted to get her a video camera but the one I wanted was out of our price range. Well thursday the price dropped right into our range becaue they are coming out with a new line of video cameras. So on Thursday I snuck down to duluth and bought it for her.

On Friday morning when she woke up she opened her birthday present in bed. She was very excited to get the camera. It takes great videos. Soon the Broberg Blog will have videos for all to see. We decided we would go to Duluth for the evening for a nice meal and to do a little shopping. We went to the mall and checked out the shops basically just spending time together. Then we went to the Blackwoods Grill. It is a really nice place just on the outskirts of Duluth twoards the North Shore. It is right of Lake Superior. We had ceasear salad and bbq ribs and macadamian crusted halibut. Everything is always good there. It was a great day with my wife. This is good thing about marriage, when your wife has a birthday you get to enjoy it too.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Jacob snuggling with my old stuffed dog

Let me see if I can bite his nose off!

Old toys, new fun!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This is a picture from this year's christmas children's program.
I know that Christmas has come and gone but my husband just
showed me how to post pictures and I couldn't help but post this
one because in this picture he looks so sweet and innocent and yet
only moments later he turned into a screaming teridactyl and I had
to take him off stage so that the other normal kids could finish their
song without having to compete with his amazing decibal of sound.
At least he's cute!:)

My bright shining "star"

I wanted to instill the "arts" in him as soon as possible!

Jacob's thinking about what he wants his masterpiece to look like.

My Little Picasso

Monday, March 07, 2005

Winter Retreat #4

Yesterday Jessica and I returned from yet another great Winter Retreat with our youth group. This is the fourth WR since coming to Hibbing as youth pastors. It was probably one of the best WR that we have had since we have been here. God's presence was moving among so many students and leaders it was really fun to see.

I am really excited about what is going on in our youth group right now. There is a lot of momentum. I thought I would share a couple of things that God did in me this weekend. Our theme this year was "Mosaic", how each of us are represent mosaics. God doesn't reveal the big picture all at once but just little pieces of at a time. So some of my little pieces are.

To create a large team of adults who minister to students. Not that I didn't know that but that he has already called some people in our church to youth ministry I just need to begin to involve them the Youth Leadership team. The second thing is that God has football players that he wants to lead to him. It is my responsibility to move beyond my fear, pride and selfishness to bring them into the kingdom of God.

Jacob stayed here in hibbing with Jenny Clair, our friend and church secretary, for part of the time and with Sue Williamson, our friend and pastors wife. It was great of them to take care of him for the weekend so that Jess and I could be freed up to spend time with students.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

shaving cream hair-do

Shaving cream fun with auntie meredith

Bring on the Wheat

A couple weeks ago Jessica took Jacob in to the doctor for is 3 month check up. The doctor decided to do some blood work on Jake to see where he was at with his wheat allergy.

If you didn't know Jacob has had a sever wheat allergy since he was about 6-9 months old. He cannot eat any sort of wheat product. It would cause his intestines (or something) to block calories so that it was very hard for him to gain any weight. So if the kid wanted a cookie we had to spend 8 trillion dollars on a cookie at the health food store that was made out of seaweed and cow hooves.
It really stunk. As a parent you have this weight that you carry knowing that you kid is not completely healthy. Back to the story.

The doctor calls later that afternoon and says that he is NOT allergic to any sort of wheat products.
He says. "I don't understand it. It is not a mistake and it was a not a mistake before. He is just NOT allergic to wheat any more."
So on hearing the news I made brownies as fas as I could and gave Jacob the biggest one brownie. He shoved it in his mouth, it took him about twenty minutes to eat. When he was all done he grabbed his sipppy cup and chugged his milk down. He slammed his sippy cup on the high chair like he just finished a shot of whiskey and said, "mmmmahhhhhh". As if to say thanks Dad I have needed that all my life.

PTL, my kid can eat pasta, bread, orieos! We have been feeding him every fattening thing we can get our hands on. Though he still loves fruit and broccoli more than anything. All I have to say is Praise God for healing my kid. It is pretty cool.