Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007

Enjoy a video of our annual trip to get the family Christmas tree. The adventure wasn't as intense as this guy's trip.

But still a lot of fun. It doesn't get any better than cutting down the family tree in a blizzard.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

oh christmas tree

For those of you who saw our christmas card this year...this is an

example of the kind of pitures we had to choose from. it took us several

days and numerous trips outside only to end up with no "one" picture with

all three of our children looking normal. levi had his own picture because 1. he is anti-people and

2. he decides when he wants to be compliant or not. (i just happened to have the

camera in my hand when he was actually being cute. statistically speaking, the chances

are really quite low. a part of me actually wanted to use this picture for our cards

just to show how really rotten he is. not to mention to embarrass him later in life.

the colonel has inspired me (by reminding me what a slacker i have become) to post something new. our annual outing to go cut down our christmas tree was enhanced this year as we decided to put up two trees in our house. the one upstairs i get to decorate with all my favorite ornaments and the one downstairs has all of the kids homemade decorations and all the "plastic canvas" ornaments that aaron and i made when we were just wee ones. my husband has been busting his broberg sized bottom to get our basement done in time for the holidays. we put a fireplace in, expanded my laundry room, gutted the old bathroom in the basement and added a shower and retexturized all of the walls. needless to say, he has been busy. aaron & i both have always wanted a fireplace in our house so we are both giddy about it. i am embarrassingly excited about my mantel and hanging the kids' stockings on it. well, tonight is going to be a late night painting the basement walls, so that's all the post you get!