Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bug Bash

Well, this past saturday we celebrated jacob's 2nd birthday by having a "bug bash." It was a lot of fun to do. We had bug themed games like pin the spot (a.k.a. oreo)on the lady bug and the ladybug beanbag toss. We colored pictures of bugs and ate bug snacks like spider crackers and caterpillars (made out of grapes and cheese). We also had "bug juice" to drink. For our cake we had "dirt" served in a wheel barrow with a garden spade. We also had lots of creepy worms crawling around in the dirt. When the kids arrived they could go to the "local tattoo artist" (aaron) and get a bug tattoo. Some kids weren't real sure about that but jacob that it was a great idea. He had one on each hand and one on each cheek. The kid loves bugs! Here's some pictures from our party.