Tuesday, February 21, 2006

He did good.

Well, I had to share about my husband and what a great valentine's day we had. I got a rose with a handmade card and then he took me cross country skiing (which we have been doing a lot of together lately). It was the perfect day to be outside. It was warm and the snow was lightly falling. We found a bench and sat down and had hot chocolate that he had brought along in his backpack. Then he gave me my present which was an ipod inside of a box he made out of birch wood. I was really surprised because I hadn't even asked for one. He had just enough time to download one song on it for me "it feels like home". So, I sat and listened to the song and cried because I really do have the best husband in the whole world. When he wants to be, he is the most creative and romantic person. After that we headed home and he made a pasta dish for dinner, we put the kids to bed and watched "Titanic" and had dessert. It was a great day. Honey, I'd say you did good. You did very good.